Sales Contract for the purchase of a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

Purchaser’s Name: _____________________
Phone # __________________
E-mail: ___________________
Sex: ________ DOB: ________ Litter# ____ Puppy Description/Color: ______________
Name of Puppy: _________________________

In purchasing the puppy described above, I agree to the following as indicated by my signature below. I also agree to sign the C.K.C Non breeding agreement before receiving my C.K.C Registration papers. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Basic Health Guarantee given to me and I agree to the terms as indicated by my signature.

1. The puppy you have purchased from the sellers is to be spayed/neutered by 7 months of age. Also in the time frame in which the puppy is still unfixed, the purchasers agree to take due care to ensure the dog does not breed. If the puppy is not fixed by 7 months of age, the purchaser will return the dog to the sellers until arrangements have been made to have the dog spayed or neutered. (Proof of spay or neuter is required.)
2. If at any time the puppy is unwanted, or unable to be kept, the breeder is to be notified via a telephone call, for arrangements to be made for the return of the puppy. The buyer agrees to not abandon this dog/puppy to an animal shelter or Humane Society. We will take back any of our puppies at any time.
3. The buyer agrees to exercise normal care in maintaining the puppy's health and agrees to follow the recommended vaccine, de-worming, and heart worm/flea prevention by a Licensed Veterinarian of their choice.
The buyer will maintain a fenced yard with access to the house, and/or shelter. (Electric Fence Included) The puppy is never to be tied.
The buyer will only feed a large breed puppy/dog food in which the 1st ingredient is a meat product.
4. The seller agrees to register the puppy with the C.K.C within 4 months of the purchase date, at the cost of the seller.
5. The seller also guarantees the puppy has been Health Checked, vaccinated, De-wormed, and Micro-Chipped before the purchase date.

Signature of Buyer: ______________________ Date: __________________

Signature of Buyer: ______________________ Date: __________________

Note: The breeder/seller recommends Health Insurance, and that the buyer enroll the puppy in an obedience class before 6 months of age. Remember your puppy is of a large breed, and early obedience training and socialization will help ensure a well-mannered puppy/dog.