Please enjoy reading some of the commments listed from previous clients.
Also a big thank you to all those who took the time to send such wonderful comments for us to share.

 From: Holly:
My husband and I love our Berner, Asia and she loves her people as well. She has beautiful features and has a good disposition. Tina made the process of adopting Asia an enjoyable experience. We were unable to view the puppies before the adoption. Tina sent us pictures and answered our many questions, promptly. We will adopt another puppy from Tina in the future
From: Paul:

We received a happy healthy puppy and thanks to Tina for her answers to our many questions.and meeting us half way to deliver our puppy. We are very pleased and our puppy has settled in beautifully. Dawn& Paul Vincent Porters Lake N.S.

From: Dianne:
I would like to thank you for all your help and understanding. It was always great to talk to you and It was great of you to meet us in Moncton. It saved us time and money. I always knew that if I e-mailed you with a question or concern, you would write back to me that same day. It was an overall great experience.
From: Jolene:
Thank you so much for helping me with this wonderful and exciting experience. You were quick to answer all my questions and never failed with good common sense even when I was so excited. I found this very helpful. I have taken your advice and we are already involved in training exercises. She is very eager and quick to catch on even this young. (Especially for treats!) The trainer I am working with is very helpful and says she has an excellent disposition.
From: Maggie:
Our family loves our beautiful Berner pup that we received from Tina. He has lovely markings and is extremely friendly. Tina made the experience of buying our first Berner very easy and enjoyable; any questions that we had (and there were many) were answered quickly, and the pictures of the pups that were updated every week made the wait so much easier! Tina even met us with the pup in Amherst, which made the drive much shorter for us and saved us a lot of time; she was very accommodating in every way. The entire process was very smooth, and we would definitely go to Tina in the future if we were adding another Berner to the family. -Wilcott Family, Halifax, N.S.
From: Sharon and Mike:
We purchased our first Bernese from Tina, and have had the best experience possible.Tina let us come down to her home to meet both Kyro and Rhia the puppies parents. also throughout the process of picking out our puppy answered all of our questions the same day, even sending us extra updated pictures of our puppy through e-mail and posting them on the website weekly.This made us feel included in the first six weeks of our new puppy's life. Our baby Cash has beautiful markings and an amazing temperament with both of our children and many others. Throughout the entire process Tina made everything enjoyable and our waiting process bare-able.
From: Amber and Barry:
Isabel is our wonderful Berner puppy! Barry and I are very pleased with her. She is the most beautiful dog and has excellent markings. Tina was very helpful with the whole process and answered all of our questions. Tina was also kind enough to update pictures of our future puppy while we were awaiting her arrival. We want another one! Thanks so much for everything.
From: Amy and Avery:
We've had “Miss Avery” now for 7 months now and we absolutely love her to death! It’s been a wonderful experience from the moment we decided to bring a Berner into our family. First a word about Tina, what we really appreciated about her as a breeder is the obvious care she puts into her animals. She kept us updated on a weekly basis through emails and pictures, advice and answered ALL out questions...this all went on for months while we waited for our puppy to be ready to leave her mother and siblings.

Now, for anyone whose debating choosing this breed with children at home………we are sooooo happy with our choice to bring a Bernese Mountain Dog into our family. Our son is 2 ½ so out biggest concern was finding a breed who would be a wonderful companion for him. Avery is so much more than we even hoped for, she is wonderful with him……she is patient, tolerant, gentle and loves to play with him, they roll around on the floor together like a couple of kids instead of a dog and a boy! I really can’t say enough about her, she’s been a wonderful addition to our family and I would certainly recommend this breed for anyone with children.
From: Sacha and Bentley:

"We have had Bentley for just over 3 weeks and already his temperament and personality has already made a difference in our home with our other Berner. We are very pleased with Bentley's markings, size and personality - we are very pleased with him. Tina has been and continues to be very helpful with this process of picking Bentley and bringing him home. There was not a time in this process where Tina was unable to answer my questions and by the time we were able to pick up Bentley I felt very confident in our choice. Thank-you for everything Tina - It was such a pleasure dealing with you!!"
From:Sarah and Layla:
We our love our Bernese Mountain Dog.She is the most beautiful dog, with great markings. She has a lovely temperament, very friendly,and has been pretty easy to train.Throughout the adoption process we received regular updates, quick replies to our questions, and pictures of the puppies. We had a very positive experience!
From: John, Sara & Koda:
We have had Koda for 3 months now, and he is such an amazing dog, how could he not be coming from such a great breeder as Tina! She loves the breed and all her dogs, you can tell that as soon as you speak with her. She made the whole experience simple, keeping us up to date on our puppy’s status, and making sure all our questions were answered! She even went above and beyond when she helped my fiancé plan the perfect proposal! We wanted a beautiful, outgoing, healthy dog and we got that and more. Koda is so smart; he has just finished his puppy socialization class and can understand some commands already! He gets along with everyone, and loves to make us laugh. From start to finish it was a pleasurable experience and we look forward to doing it again in the future!
John, Sara & Koda
From: Jill, Chat and Thor:
My name is Jill, Chad and I were the couple from Grande Prairie that got one of your PRECIOUS puppies in May. We named him Thor, and he is the best thing that has happened to us. He is exactly what we wanted and has turned into such a wonderful dog. He has grown at a rapid pace, as they do, and loves all the attention we give him. (he is my little sucky). We just wanted you to know that we LOVE him and will be sending you pictures soon.
Thanks again,
Jill & Chad
From: Melanie and Gus:
I would like to Thank Youfor giving us the chance to add such a wonderful addition to our family!! Gus is now 9 months old and we have been very pleased so far! We can't go for a walk through the park without someone stopping us to tell us how beautiful he is! He loves everybody!! He is such an easy going boy, and will pretty much just go with the flow if it means being with us! He rarely barks, and he was super easy to house train. He is great with our 2 children (ages 5 and2). We have developped a true love for the breed, and we look forward to adding a 2nd bernese to our family in the near future!
Melanie Ross, Stephen Rafuse and Anthony and Gemma.
From Jill/Steve and Suri:
Tina and her family were wonderful to deal with. We had our puppy shipped all the way to Winnipeg and she is now a great addition to our family. The puppy was very well socialized and gets along great with our golden retriever.

Steve and Jillian