CedarWood Stables 

Below you will find information and photos of our riders and their horses

Wyatt and his pony Ollie. This lovely pony came to us from PEI, and he is an experienced and kind pony. 

Wyatt James, received his 1st pony as a gift on his 1st birthday! He is a joy to watch and a true horse lover. He enjoys giving all the horses apples, and he was riding before he was walking. Wyatt, now has a new pony named Ollie, and what a special pony he is. He is a very kind pony, quiet and Wyatt could not be happier!

 Schooling at home in the 80x160 outdoor ring

Ulvannie, the first foal born to CedarWood Stables 

 Tina James, a Dressage enthusiast currently is participating in Dressage Clinics and is competing at Second Level in 2013.
Her mount Rylee is an amazing black mare who has a fantastic work ethic and has proven to be very trainable. The pair are now training second level.

Ulvannie, is the first foal born to CedarWood Stables. He was born in April, 2010. He is an upper level Dressage prospect, well bred, with amazing movement which will serve him well in the show ring.