We are proud to offer a home to any Bernese that is  in need of a new home. We will also assist in finding proper placement to those who need help fiding a home for their beloved pet due to a life changing circumstance. 

In additon to  opening our heart and home to the Bernese, we do the same for the horse. We will do anything we can to keep a horse from going to slaughter. We have saved several horses from slaughter, and in 2012 we will be doing so again!

Buddy's photos are attached when he was first purchased by the James Family, and he is special as he was the first slaughter save.  He was purchased from the meat truck, and this lovely boy was very sick with feet in very poor condition. He needed immediate attention from the Veterinarian and Farrier. He had just been taken from his only companion, his mother.

The following picture's show Buddy just a few months later, after receiving love and care from the James family. He is now a trusted and faithful lesson horse teaching young riders how to ride. Donations are accepted to feed and care for horses saved from slaughter, 100 % of donations go to save, feed, and care for those in need.

Please support your local shelter and animal charity.